Session 6

Africa/Europe: What next? Planning for action across UMI Fund Program Areas

2 December 2021 - 11:00 - 14:00 UTC

Session Overview

Update: We have added more details about what to expect in the focus and format of the specific issue tracks within these sessions below.

Our final day will feature parallel discussions run simultaneously and repeated for each timezone. We will explore some critical strategic questions and identify priorities and areas for action in 2022 across our 3 UMI Fund programme funding areas: mobility/transport, fair transition and supporting the global youth movement. Each session will include time to meet everyone and also a sharing back to the whole group of what has emerged across all three of the parallel strategic deep dives.

You can expect to join colleagues working on similar challenges and strategies to grapple granular and challenging strategic issues in self-selected groups.

Our hope is that we can develop some collective plans for shared action or guidance for UMI Fund on the chosen key topics within these thematic areas.

Mobility and transport
This session will introduce existing and emerging networked transport campaigns that are making waves around the world. Campaigners and organisers working on transport, mobility, air quality and sustainable cities will meet colleagues to share and learn from the presented examples and the work of participants. Expect to be inspired by the opportunities for connection and power building on this most critical topic.

Fair Transition
UMI Fund is consulting its partners about how best to add greatest value in the fair transition space with the Fund’s resources and theory of change. We will use this session to explore and cross-pollinate ideas from diverse perspectives. Expect to discuss what fair transition means in different contexts, what might be missing from the picture and where new effort could build power for fairness and livelihoods, while also driving change.

Supporting the global youth climate movement
UMI Fund is now focused on resilience, security, and microgranting to help support grassroots youth activism, and co-powering more diverse leadership within the global youth movement. In this session we seek the advice of the participants, individually and collectively on how to take this work to the next level. Expect to meet and engage with folks from across the global youth climate movement and its allies, to help identify opportunities and to help shape UMI Fund’s next priorities.

Session Hosts

This session will be hosted by the UMI Fund team.

For more information on the UMI Fund team, click here.