Session 1

Asia/Pacific: Where we stand: A participatory exploration of the state of climate politics and climate and justice movements both regionally and globally

30 November 2021 - 06:00 - 09:00 UTC

Session Overview

These collaborative sessions will focus on questions about how justice and equity concerns are reshaping climate politics and what this means for building movement power or shifting political realities regionally and globally.

We will work together to gather perspectives from the various groups and members of our community to build a picture of what seems important and a sense of the landscape as seen from our diverse viewpoints and contexts. You can expect in-depth discussions with peers from across the region, working on a variety of complementary issues in different ways.

As we pull together a bigger picture view with each group, our hope is that participants will emerge with a more sophisticated situation analysis, as well as new ideas for integrating justice, ready for planning partnerships and projects in the coming year.

Session Hosts

Mareike Britten

Mareike Britten is a passionate and creative social change strategy consultant who has worked over the last 15 years as campaigner, trainer and facilitator in the not for profit sector. She has been working with organisations all over the world ranging from small volunteer-led initiatives to international NGOs, foundations and networks.

Before running her own company, she worked as Head of Global Campaign Coordination of Climate Action Network International and as Team Leader and Senior Climate & Energy Campaigner with Greenpeace’s 34 offices on effective global strategies to combat the climate crisis and change the energy system. Through her work in Europe, Africa and Asia she has gained a deep understanding of the interlinkages of social justice and environmental issues and built a strong international network of social change makers. When she is not facilitating she loves spending time in her hiking boots, on a surfboard, a yoga mat or climbing with her two daughters.

Elbert Or

Elbert Or is committed to creating spaces of clarity, to help people see and be their best selves, as they make their positive impact on the world. He is co-founder of Pushpin, which leverages graphic facilitation, comics, animation, infographics, and other visual tools to help nonprofits and corporate foundations communicate with clarity, in order to foster understanding and inspire positive action. He is also a certified WIAL-Action Learning Coach and Gallup Global Strengths Coach, and has worked with organizations like World Health Organization, UNDP, Greenpeace SEA, Forest Foundation, and World Wildlife Fund.