Community Guidelines

For this Global Gathering, we strive to build a supportive and welcoming space. To accomplish this, we rely on our community as a collective to help us create a conference where we practice respect for each others’ identities, cultures and perspectives.

Our guidelines:

• Please communicate respectfully and kindly, with awareness of everyone who is listening.

• Listen and engage actively with others, being conscious to not disrupt.

• The majority of participants will not be speaking their first language. For everyone’s benefit, please speak slowly and clearly.

• Avoid using acronyms, jargon or slang.

• Be aware that words are powerful and can cause offense and hurt. In particular, avoid words and phrases that may be offensive to others, including swearing. Derogatory terms have no place in our community.

• Support security and confidentiality: don’t share other people’s private information, and don’t repeat what people have said without their permission.

At this conference, as with almost all online gatherings, we cannot guarantee a secure platform. We strive to create safer spaces by approving participant’s registration individually and asking attendees to co-create safe options for one another, for example using the guidelines above.

You can read more detailed digital security advice here.